"You didn't have time to make fingerprints on the wall,
Instead you made fingerprints on our hearts."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So I understand people aren't mind readers and I understand the world doesn't revolve around me so i'm just going to say it and put it out there as nice as I can so everyone knows. I hope with that being said that everyone who knows me will respect this and try to understand where I am coming from.

As most of you know my twin boys Logan and Steven passed away 5 months ago, I am still deeply grieving. I have a full time job, part time job, organizations I am involved with and lots of hobbies. I am busy. You might see me laughing, smiling, working, playing or just simply "enjoying life." Don't let this fool you. My heart is broken and will NEVER be whole again, my soul has been torn out and ripped apart. Our lives have been turned upside down by experiencing the worst thing ever, losing our children. We had to say goodbye before saying hello, before kissing, holding,talking or playing with our children. We didn't get to hear their cries or giggles. With this being said DO NOT bring your newborn babies around me, do not talk to me about how excited you are about being pregnant. If I approach you about your baby or pregnancy that's one thing but be considerate that not every one in the world is excited. There are a lot of mothers and fathers who have lost children and are not comfortable with you flaunting it. I'm just asking that you think twice. This is where i'm at in my life right now and I can not physically or emotionally deal with newborns or pregnant women. So I ask that you don't flaunt it. I'm not saying I cant look at newborns or pregnant women just don't approach me and talk to me about it because I am not interested. I'm very thankful for those who have healthy pregnancies and babies but I didn't so please back off. I say this in the nicest way possible.

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  1. You are totally justified in feeling this way dude!! I actually hadn't talked about my pregnancy at all with one of my closest friends because she had a miscarriage after we had gotten pregnant at the same time (well that and I spent 20 weeks terrified because of my miscarriages). You will get to a different place one day - but it doesn't have to be today or on anyone's set timeline. Hope today is a good day :)